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Study Graphic Design in Melbourne

Are you looking to study graphic design in Melbourne? Are you searching for graphic design courses that will enrich you with industry skills and experience?

Latrobe College of Art & Design is the ideal study environment for students of all experience levels. Our Diploma of Graphic Design focuses on supporting and nurturing the individual interests of creative professionals. Whether you’re hoping to improve your skills or gain insider industry connections, our Diploma of Graphic Design can provide specialised guidance and training to assist you .

When you study graphic design in Melbourne through Latrobe College, you will be encouraged to explore fresh and innovative approaches to Visual Communication, Web Design, Concept and Identity, Digital and Moving Imaging, and Graphic Design. Encompassing both the traditional hands-on media industry and the digital industry, we provide a comprehensive education through our graphic design courses in Melbourne.

Graphic Design students enrolling at Latrobe College of Art & Design can access study assistance and student support. VET Student Loans are available for eligible students.

Dedicated to Graphic Design

Graphic Design Courses in Melbourne

If you’re searching for prestigious graphic design colleges in Melbourne, Latrobe College of Art and Design is the touchstone. By focusing exclusively on art and design courses, we can dedicate all our resources to the creative industries and attract talented teaching staff.

Our absolute focus on the arts allows us to offer customised resources including permanent individual studio spaces for Advanced Diploma students.

In our graphic design course, you will develop a broad and professional portfolio that showcases your skills, talents, and abilities in a range of environments. From digital industries to traditional printing, photography, publishing, social media, and web design, we will help you to shape your professional creative brand. Other areas of focus include 2D design, graphic design for packing, and identity development.

Our Program includes:
  • Communication Design
  • Design Theory & Practice
  • Imaging & Graphics
  • Studio Art Design
  • Photography
  • Packaging & Publication
  • Concept & Identity
  • Drawing
  • Web Design
  • Digital & Moving Image

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Study Graphic Design

At Latrobe College of Art & Design, our graphic design courses are totally focused on your development as a creative individual. Through our varied programs, small classes, tutorial-based learning, and one-on-one learning, from visual art to photography and design, we can assist each student to achieve their very best.

No matter where you are in your career; when you study graphic design at Latrobe College, we will help you to identify and nourish your unique talents.

At the core of our Diploma of Graphic Design is a study in visual language; how it shapes us, how we interact with it, and how you can interact with it as a creative professional.

Studying fundamental design practices and gaining exposure to contemporary design trends, the skills that students gain in this course will be practical and professionally enriching. From software packages to the deep theory behind typography and content development, your dedicated teachers will guide you in these disciplines from day one.

Other aspects of our nationally recognised graphic design courses include:

Latrobe College of Art & Design is celebrating 24 years of success in arts education in 2019. To forge your own path to creative success, study graphic design in Melbourne through our Diploma of Graphic Design.


Autumn, trimester 117 February 2020Three to four days per week. Part-time is available.
Winter, trimester 23 June 2019
Spring, trimester 316 September 2019


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