Diploma of Photography


Capture the Moment: Study Photography in Melbourne

In the one-year intensive Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging, students will learn a wide range of photography practice skills and techniques.

From fine art and photo documentation through to advertising and commercial photography, the photography course offered by Latrobe College will cover it all.

The Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging from Latrobe College of Art & Design is open to year-12 and non-year-12 students, including mature aged and international applicants. The Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging can be completed in one year of full-time study, while a part-time study option is also available.

Study Photography Like Never Before

Photography Courses in Melbourne

At Latrobe College of Art & Design, our photography courses in Melbourne are taught with small class sizes and one-to-one teaching methods. This allows students to rapidly forge their creative direction and nurture their photography career.

Our photography courses in Melbourne are dedicated to image-makers and artists who are interested in developing their work and building their technical skills. Students will engage in classes that help them to understand their work in relation to the images that shape our contemporary culture.

The photo-techniques covered in this program range from traditional analogue to the latest digital imagining methods. Students will also gain exhibition experience within the Latrobe College Gallery.

When you study photography in Melbourne through Latrobe College, your course will cover:



  • Making Photographs
  • Image Capture
  • Photomedia Studio
  • Digital & Moving Image
  • After Image Capture
  • Seeing Colour
  • Image Trends
  • Descriptive & Emotive Light
  • Photography Project
  • Imaging & Graphics
  • Art History 20th Century
  • Postmodernism

Photography Courses in Melbourne

Study Photography

The Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging enables students to progress onto degree level study or to work immediately as a photographer. Our photography courses in Melbourne can also lead to careers in:

  • Exhibiting photography,
  • Gallery work
  • Exhibition curator
  • Photojournalism
  • Art photography
  • Advertising photography
  • Social photography
  • And many more

When you study photography in Melbourne through Latrobe College of Art and Design, you will also have opportunities to participate in accredited study trips. Each year, Latrobe College takes students and non-students on art tours to New York, the Venice Biennale, Berlin, and a range of other important cultural hubs.

You may also explore photography as part of Visual Art. Students who are passionate about both these practices may want to consider the Diploma of Visual Art. This diploma and advanced diploma course can be completed with a photography stream, which will focus on photography in the same study context as other fine art disciplines such as painting.

Latrobe College of Art & Design celebrated 24 years of teaching and learning in 2019. Since 1995, the college has been dedicated to supporting creative industries and producing art graduates who go on to be successful in their respective industries.

Within the smaller, nurturing, learning environment that focuses on cultivating students’ creative ideas and practice, our photography courses in Melbourne are excellent for a wide range of students.

Whether you are already developing your career as a photographer or taking the very first steps, we will welcome you. We will equip you with new skills, and help you to grow your talents, expertise, and professional practice.

To develop and refine your photography ambitions, apply for the Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging with Latrobe College of Art & Design.

VET student loans are available for eligible full-time and part-time students.

Key dates:


Autumn, trimester 117 February 2020Three to four days per week. Part-time is available.
Winter, trimester 23 June 2019
Spring, trimester 316 September 2019


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